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Specialty Medication

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 600 US dollars

Service Description

Experience personalized healing with our Specialty Medication IV Therapy. Tailored to your unique medical needs, this advanced infusion delivers specialized medications directly into your bloodstream, ensuring rapid and effective relief. Whether you require targeted pain management, immune system modulation, or disease-specific treatment, our expert medical team administers your prescribed specialty medications with precision and care. Elevate your wellness journey with our cutting-edge approach to infusion therapy, designed to provide you with the specialized support your body deserves. *price varies based on medication and insurance coverage

Contact Us!

  • AYSA Infusion Center

    1785 E Park Place Blvd Suite 212 Stone Mountain, GA 30087


Cancellation Policy

**All bookings are subject to a $49 non-refundable booking fee.** - excludes iron replacement, specialty medications, and biologics treatments *For package purchases, unused portions are not refundable. *Membership cancellations must be received 30 days prior to payment renewal date. If during the Booking Service process you misrepresent yourself in any manner, including but not limited to: misrepresentation of your age or medical history, AYSA Infusion Center reserves the right to cancel your booked service without notice. *Price is subject to change based on patients or providers recommendation on any add-ons.

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