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AYSA Anesthesia

and Infusion Center
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At Your Service Anesthesia, LLC

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At Your Service Anesthesia (AYSA), Atlanta's premier mobile anesthesia practice was founded by CEO and President Selwynn Howard, MD in late 2018. Equipped with a highly skilled and professional group of medical care providers, our group provides office-based anesthesia to multiple specialties in the surrounding Atlanta area including: GI, Gynecology, Orthopedic Surgery, Dentistry, and more.

Our Mission

     At AYSA, our goal is to provide our clients and patients with quality, efficient, and safe anesthesia in comfortable surroundings. Our clients can rest assured that their patients will experience a pleasant and patient-friendly anesthesia experience. 

AYSA Infusions IV Hydration & Infusion Center

     AYSA Infusions is a free-standing IV infusion center. We offer all of the same treatments as hospital-owned centers where the cost can be 2-10X higher than receiving the same therapy at our facility.  Our entire focus is your infusion treatment in a caring environment, saving you time and money. 

For Specialty Medication Services 

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